What are the qualifications of an egg donor?
– Between 18-29 years of age
– Have regular monthly periods
– No reproductive disorders or abnormalities
– Physically and emotionally healthy
– BMI under 28
– Non-Nicotine user, Non-smoker, Non-drug user
– Not currently using contraceptive implants or on Depo-Provera as a form of birth control (or willing to remove)
– Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation
– Willing to take injectable medication
– Reliable and mature to keep all appointments and follow doctor’s orders


How long does the egg donation process take?
Once matched with an intended parent(s), the egg donation cycle itself typically last anywhere between 3-4 weeks.


Do I have to travel?
If you live outside of Southern California, you will need to travel because most of our intended parents are working with fertility clinic in Southern California. All your travel expenses due to medical treatment will be paid by intended parents.


Can egg donation cause early menopause?
No, each woman has a certain amount of eggs (ovarian reserve) from the moment they are born, which will determine the age at which she her menopause will start. That amount won’t change because of ovarian stimulation for egg donation.


Can donating affect my future fertility?
when an egg donor goes through the process of donating eggs, they receive medication to fully develop all of the eggs in their follicles that are naturally available in that particular cycle. Eggs will not be removed more than what the body naturally puts out.


How are eggs removed?
While the donor is asleep (under I.V. sedation), the physician will use aspiration needle, guided by ultrasound, to transvaginal retrieve the eggs. The average procedure takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of follicles present.


How long do I need to rest after egg retrieval?
You will rest in the recovery area for approximately one hour after the procedure. Please make sure someone is available to escort you home afterwards. You should also take the rest of the day off to recover. In most cases, donors have no problem returning to normal in a day or two after egg retrieval.


Will my personal information remain confidential?
The recipient will only be able to review your basic information such as weight, height and blood type. All personal identifying information remain confidential.


When do I receive my compensation?
You will receive your compensation right after your egg retrieval.